The Park City Summit Series

Fins & Feathers is proud and excited to host the Park City Summit Series. The purpose of these summits is to create unique, fun-filled networking opportunities for our members, speakers and guests, while building upon the collective knowledge base with the latest and greatest information and approaches related to their businesses. These events bring together a host of intelligent, creative and fun entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders who are all tackling issues of the day.

"Superior experience based events that actually deliver on their promise are hard to find. With first class events and venues, Fins & Feathers is simply one of the best outdoor lifestyle brands."

 Jason Felts - CEO, Virgin Produced

"Fins & Feathers brings together accomplished, successful people in settings that can best be described as majestic.  Combine those people and settings with amazing activities and first-class food, and you have the perfect recipe for incredible networking and events."

Sterling Tanner - President, Forever Young Foundation